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Here are some of the projects we have helped clients with.

Paperless Project for a legal client.

The legal profession, historically, has produced a lot of paper but things are changing. The cost of storing so much paper is a big overhead for legal firms.

In practice ‘Paperless’ is a fiction. Very few businesses can go completely paperless, but a ‘less paper’ project is a real way to make changes in a business. Streamline processes, remove duplication; and potential re-keying errors and get information to employees and clients in a more timely fashion.

This project involved multiple geographic sites, each needing to provide scanned post and documents to the other offices. We added in searchable pdf technology to ensure the documents were not only scanned but also searchable to make data recovery easier.

Improved communication in a multi-site business.

Email is a great form of communication but many businesses fall foul of the send to all culture. What should be an efficient form of communication soon becomes clunky and overwhelming.

There are other ways to work.

Most staff are used to using social networks like Facebook. They are a great way to communicate so why not utilise a business social network to get information out to staff.

Messaging Apps at the desktop, or on a mobile device. Quick responses to simple questions can be made using a business messaging app.

Both these methods are safe, internal and controllable.

We also remind staff that a quick call can sometimes negate the need for a 20 email conversation.

GDPR Compliance

Have you had your first Data Access Request? No. How easy would it be for your organisation to search for all the information you hold on an individual whether it be a member of staff or a customer?

We help our clients with their compliance. Providing on-boarding of data to an indexed platform which enables search of not only files, but also email, messaging and internal social networks. Our solution also enables classification of data with ‘labels’ to protect internal company data so that it doesn’t accidentally get shared.

Cloud Computing

Everyone is talking about it but what does it actually mean?

Basically, it means using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than an on site local server or a personal computer.

If you are already using the likes of Dropbox, Google Images, Box or OneDrive you are already using Cloud Computing.

We can show you how to harness the power of cloud computing in a secure and safe way to deliver solutions that will enable your business to operate from anywhere using any device.

Accounts and Payroll

Quickbooks Gold ProAdvisor

Whether you need to move from spreadsheets to an accounts package, want to be able to invoice on the move and take credit card payments for your invoices to get paid more quickly, or you are VAT registered and need help with MTD (Making Tax Digital). We can help you migrate to Quickbooks Online.

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