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Blue Consultancy works with business owners to help them and their businesses reach their potential.

Starting a Business

Thinking of starting your own business and not sure what to do.

Blue Consultancy was recommended to me when I was looking to start my own business.We have now been working together for over five years; during each stage of my business’s growth.
— Wendy Ross - The Childcare Partnership

Providing Scalable Solutions

Ensuring your IT is scalable to meet the growing needs of your business.

Understanding our aspirations to move from a single farm to a large agricultural contractor was key to providing solutions that would grow with the business.
— Shirley Turnham


Integrating and onboarding staff and systems as you acquire other businesses.

At each stage of our company’s growth and development Blue Consultancy have been there to help with integrating staff and systems as we have acquired other businesses.
— Peter Gibson - Coles Solicitors Ltd

Virtually all our business comes through the recommendation of our clients so the chances are you have arrived here after speaking to someone we have already worked with. They are the best advocate of our services and we never forget that.

So... how can we help you?

We offer a number of services, but you have probably already got an idea of what you need help with.

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